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Become a better rider About the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)

Becoming a better rider

The DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme is a fantastic opportunity for all riders to develop new skills for the real riding ahead of them. The basic motorcycle test does not fully prepare new riders for the type of riding that they will be doing, the test is merely a stepping stone and only the second rung of the ladder. It is in riding terms what reaching base camp is, to climbing Everest.

The basic test demonstrates an ability to control the bike in various road situations that are largely controlled by the examiner because of the chosen test route. The route is basic and usually no more than a few miles from the test centre. 

Learner riders are generally trained to pass a test, but in just a few days cannot be given comprehensive guidance to real life riding. Life on the open road is certainly different to riding around test routes and local test centres with basic training Instructors.

A typical riding day for most bikers, usually involves an early meet-up with friends and then riding considerably more miles than a typical training day, a stop for breakfast and then off further away from where the riders live! During the journey there will be faster twisty roads, higher levels of concentration in more demanding bends and overtakes that were never taught or practiced. 

The extensive list of potential hazards and higher risk gets even bigger with speed and as fatigue sets in after the long ride, concentration levels drastically drop. This is when most motorcyclists are more vulnerable, riders must Take Responsibility.