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Core ERS training modules Delivered by fully qualified professional instructors

Essential post-test motorcycle training

The DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) is an essential post-test motorcycle training course and suitable for all riders. ERS is delivered by fully qualified professional instructors, who are accredited and assessed regularly by the DVSA to maintain the very highest standards.

On the day

  • Turn up and have a chat about your specific riding needs
  • Go for an assessment ride to settle down to get into the flow
  • Stop and discuss areas where you may need to improve
  • Continue to develop riding skills and improve
  • Lunch with a debrief and further guidance
  • During the day cover as many of the Core Modules as possible
  • Debrief and further guidance
  • Finish with debrief and certificate issue if course is complete

To gain maximum benefit, riders should invest in more than one-day of ERS instruction and ideally, ERS is designed for delivery over three days.