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Cornering (ERS) Cornering with accuracy and fluidity takes practice

Cornering takes practice

Anyone who rides a motorcycle will confirm that getting a series of bends right is one of the most enjoyable parts of riding. There is a certain thrill to banking over and cornering well. All riders want to go around corners better or quicker but should primarily aim to corner safely.

Cornering with accuracy and fluidity takes practice and concentration to perfect. Using a methodical system will help improve your cornering skills, enhance your ability and will give you more confidence in your riding

Course content

You will learn the skills needed for cornering and, more importantly, what must be done on the approach and during the corner itself. You will learn how to execute corners and series of bends correctly, in a variety of road environments and conditions

Training outcomes

By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Recognise and use available information to effectively anticipate and plan for an approaching corner or series of bends
  • Use correct braking techniques
  • Use counter-steering
  • Adopt the correct position and speed before, during, and on exiting a corner
  • Adopt a positive mental attitude to remain within personal abilities and stay safe

Extra modules

The following modules are recommended: