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Defensive riding & hazard awareness (ERS) Defensive riding & hazard awareness should shape the way a person rides

Defensive riding is critical to rider safety

Today’s roads are heavily populated, often busy and congested. Navigating them can be hazardous, demanding high levels of concentration and ability. Defensive riding and hazard awareness shape the way a person rides within this environment. With a better understanding of how to protect yourself in response to situations on the road, riders can react appropriately and purposefully.

Advanced riding, particularly hazard perception and defensive riding, can be learned and improved over time with dedicated practice. Riders can develop these skills to properly observe and use good forward vision to plan well ahead so that hazards are observed and reacted to appropriately.

Course content

You will learn observational techniques to spot hazards early, create a defensive riding plan and use a methodical approach to dealing with hazards.

Training outcomes

By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Adopt a methodical riding system (IPSGA)

  • Use enhanced techniques to scan and develop early awareness of potential dangers

  • Actively risk assess and react appropriately to changing road conditions

  • Recognise the effect of prevailing weather conditions and take appropriate action

  • Use defensive planning to evaluate high risk situations

Extra modules