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Filtering - general riding (ERS) Filtering, instead of sitting in traffic has safety benefits

Filtering requires good slow control skills

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using a motorcycle over other forms of transport is the possibility of filtering. This is the act of moving past slow or stationary queuing traffic using the space between vehicles. When traffic is brought to a halt due to hazards such as traffic lights and road works, a motorcycle can filter towards the front of queuing vehicles.

Filtering, instead of sitting in traffic, minimises the chance of a shunt from behind. Filtering requires good slow control skills, locating a safe return space prior to committing, and always ensuring adequate clearance from traffic. Whilst filtering is legal in the UK, riders need to act with courtesy to avoid upsetting other road users

Course content

You will learn the rules and legalities of filtering, as well as how to create the space and opportunity to move through traffic safely. You will also be advised on how to enhance vision, awareness and anticipation in order to craft a planned approach to moving through slow-moving traffic.

Training outcomes

By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Use information to anticipate hazards and know when filtering is safe and legal
  • Demonstrate how to locate a safe return space
  • Plan for adequate clearance to minimise risk
  • Show restraint as well as good timing and judgement when filtering
  • Show courtesy and positive attitudes to other road user

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