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Filtering - motorways & heavy traffic (ERS) Filtering is the act of moving through slow or stationary traffic

Developing filtering skills greatly improves safety

Filtering is the act of moving through slow or stationary traffic and is possibly the greatest advantage of being on a motorcycle as it can eliminate the need to sit in traffic queues for prolonged periods of time. Filtering in heavy traffic, especially in city centre congestion or on motorways and dual carriageways, drastically shortens journey times when commuting. There are many hazards to be aware of and consider before riding in this way.

When filtering on motorways and dual carriageways, you may be passing on the left- and right-hand side of the traffic. Riders need to be aware that their visibility to other road users is reduced, and developing filtering skills improves their safety, confidence and competence.

Course content

You will learn the rules and legalities of filtering and how to create opportunities to move through traffic safely. You will learn how to create your own space by using a methodical approach to give adequate clearance without upsetting other road users and choose a safe gap to return into the flow of traffic.

Training outcomes

By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Carry out filtering in a range of more challenging environments
  • Know when filtering is safe and legal
  • Employ safety margins, give adequate clearance and maintain correct filtering speeds
  • Recognise the impact of road markings in relation to filtering
  • Show confidence in slow control techniques