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Making safe progress (ERS) Understanding how to make safe progress on a motorcycle is crucial

Travelling at the correct speed is critical

Riding a motorcycle provides a unique thrill and experience: being exposed to the environment, feeling the rush of the wind and moving in unison with the machine. Even a small accident can quickly change that experience through physical injury, loss of confidence or damage to the machine. Our increased exposure coupled with the power of modern motorcycles makes us more vulnerable than many other road users. Accidents do happen but most accidents on the road are avoidable.

The ability to ensure that you are always travelling at the correct speed, and in the correct gear, for road and traffic conditions is critical to ensuring your safety and that of other road users. Being able to stop safely in the distance you can see to be clear, whilst maintaining full control of the bike is essential.

Course content

You will learn to read the road ahead, anticipate prevailing hazards and adopt the correct speed and gear accordingly. ‘Acceleration sense’ is a skill that will enable you to vary the machine speed in response to changing road and traffic conditions by accurate use of the throttle and will greatly improve the smoothness of the ride. Subtle adjustments in speed will create space between you and the traffic you are following which avoids having to excessively slow down or stop, thus allowing you to make greater progress and arrive safely.

Training outcomes

By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Read the road, anticipate hazards, develop observation skills and create a riding plan
  • Select the appropriate speed by considering speed limits, stopping distances, your own riding ability, road surface and weather conditions
  • Effectively manage speed through the use of throttle, gear selection, acceleration sense and using the brakes (front, rear and engine braking)
  • Utilise defensive and assertive riding after establishing the differences between making progress and riding at speed
  • Maintain constant flexibility in decision making

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