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Mobile phones, GPS, Sat Nav & Bluetooth (ERS) Distractions are inevitably caused by technology

Technology causes distractions

Modern technology has made motorcycling safer and easier, guiding users from A to B, as well as giving them entertainment and the ability to communicate with the wider world. However, while some road users have become reliant on technology, it can also provide distractions and complications while riding.

The safest way to use a mobile phone, GPS, Sat Nav or a paired Bluetooth device is off the road. Distractions are inevitably caused by technology which, in turn, increase risk to the rider and other road users.


You will learn about the range of electronic devices which can be used on a motorcycle along with their pros and cons. You will learn how to use them safely by positioning them correctly to avoid distraction and how to use devices to enhance the riding experience without relying solely upon them.

Training outcomes

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand the legalities of using technology
  • Familiarise yourself with the technologies and ‘sync’ them prior to setting out
  • Determine how to safely position and use a Sat Nav and mobile phone
  • Recognise when to use technology and how to maintain concentration
  • Identify the options for Rider/Rider and Rider/Pillion communication


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