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Overtaking (ERS) Safe overtaking manoeuvres requires forward planning

Safe overtaking requires forward planning

One of the great joys and advantages of riding a motorcycle is being able to efficiently and safely overtake slower vehicles. The ability to execute a safe overtaking manoeuvre whilst making smooth, stress-free progress can make a considerable difference to your riding.

A safe overtaking manoeuvre requires forward planning, the correct gear selection, throttle control, positioning and also restraint; recognising when and when not to overtake. Doing so reduces exposure to the risks of riding alongside other vehicles at speed and using the opposing lane.

Course content

You will learn when and how to overtake different types of vehicles correctly and safely, in a variety of road environments and conditions.

Training outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Determine the different types of overtake
  • Use consideration (is it safe, legal and necessary?) and recognise personal limitations
  • Actively read the road ahead, identify hazards and plan which type of overtake to use
  • Create the opportunity and carry out a safe, planned overtake
  • Learn when to show restraint and to abort if necessary

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