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Developing appropriate attitudes to riding (ERS) Riding a motorcycle safely requires certain disciplines & attitudes

Maintaining the right mindset greatly enhances rider safety

The open road beckons, adventure awaits! Riding a motorcycle is a great experience, whether riding to foreign shores or to the shops. Riding a motorcycle, however, carries certain responsibilities to yourself, your pillion and other road users.

Riding a motorcycle safely and responsibly requires riders to establish certain disciplines to influence the way they ride. Having the correct mindset and awareness of how attitudes affect riding allows riders to develop their skills and ride safely.

Course content

You will learn how to reduce risk to all road users and recognise the advantages of being courteous. You will also recognise how human factors such as ill-health, mood and stress can have a negative effect on your riding, putting both rider and other road users at increased risk.

Training outcomes

By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Take responsibility for your own actions by being aware of your own personal abilities and staying within them
  • Show consideration, courtesy and good manners to other road users
  • Allow for the mistakes of others and react appropriately
  • Ride non-aggressively¬†
  • Recognise the effects of fatigue, poor health and mental distraction on riding

Extra modules

The following modules are recommended: