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Riding Abroad (ERS) Riding a motorcycle abroad is great fun and an enjoyable way to see a new country

It's important to know the laws of the land

Riding a motorcycle abroad is great fun and an enjoyable way to see a new country. It gives a real sense of freedom with traffic free twisty roads, experiencing new adventures and becoming submersed in the moment, with each day bringing new roads and exciting riding.

Riders are far away from home, so it is important to know the laws of the land and what to expect. It is impossible to plan for every eventuality but there are common problems that happen – including getting lost! Learning from trainers who have extensive experience riding abroad is a safe and encouraging way to build your confidence, plan an adventure and make dreams become reality.

Course content

You will learn how to prepare for touring abroad and gain a good understanding of what to expect, what to take and what kind of riding you will encounter. You will understand the common problems that can occur and how to solve them, including the need to be realistic and ready for a degree of flexibility in case of breakdowns, poor weather or adverse road conditions. You will learn how to plan from start to finish and how to make your planned trip actually work.

Training outcomes

By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Undertake realistic route preparation – planning time and distances to travel, knowing where you are heading and not simply relying on a Sat Nav
  • Determine which motorcycle and personal documents to take – medical and travel insurance, photographing key documents as a security back up
  • Plan appropriate communication with others in the group and safely use mobile phones
  • Determine what to take, safe loading of the bike and the best crossing – ferry or Euro-tunnel, including booking, embarking and disembarking
  • Research the local laws and regulations, prepare for breakdowns and emergencies, including what to do, and repatriation


The following modules are recommended:

  • Group Riding