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Structure & Planning (ERS) Creating a structured and planned approach to riding

Riding plans allow you to safely negotiate hazards

Some riders seem to glide effortlessly through traffic and junctions. Without using excessive speed, or squeezing into tight gaps, they make smooth progress with their journey where others get stuck and have to stop. These riders use the information available to them to plan for how they will deal with the hazards ahead and create opportunities to advance through traffic.

Well-structured riding plans allow you to safely negotiate the constantly developing hazards. Flexibility in this plan leads to smoother and more efficient riding in all situations. Continually developing these planning skills will lead to less risk, greater anticipation of hazards and more enjoyment.

Course content

You will learn the structured riding plan using IPSGA (Information, Position, Speed, Gear & Acceleration), which is designed to enhance safety and reduce risk. It aims to ensure you are in the correct position, speed and gear to deal with the ever-changing and prevailing hazards. You will work on developing advanced observation skills, anticipation and good planning whilst processing the information ahead.

Training outcomes

By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • Adopt a structured, flexible and effective system for dealing with road, traffic and weather conditions
  • Ride defensively with confidence and purpose
  • Develop hazard perception, reduce risk and enhance rider safety
  • Develop a positive and calm attitude to riding
  • Increase observation skills and enhance planning and awareness

Extra modules

The following modules are recommended: