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Time to take action The DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme should last at least one full day

Time to take action

Motorcycle Training Schools are experts in motorcycle training. Some have the addition of ERS Instructors at their disposal, to teach riders advanced riding skills. Don’t fall into the trap of being taught by friends, because they’ve been riding for years. Don’t think that reading magazines will give you the sort after results, as they very rarely give riders the full picture.

The experts are the motorcycle training industry instructors. Find your nearest DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme trainer to develop a professional training plan that suits your riding needs. If you intend to have days out on twisty roads, set a full day aside to develop the Basic Advanced Training with your instructor. If you need to learn how to deal with city centre traffic in rush hour, organise a training program to develop riding skills in dense traffic situations.

The DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme should last at least one full day. Don’t think you will walk away with a ‘Grade A’ if its the first time undergoing Basic Advanced Training. It takes time, practice and patience to become a skilled rider. A fully qualified Instructor is the first port of call for any rider who wants to improve their riding ability.

It can take weeks or months to learn how to ride but only a single second to realise that you should have invested more time in training! Don’t be the next rider to be out of control on the next ride, speak to your local training school and learn how to ‘Keep it on the black stuff’!